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Host Home

Follow our steps to qualify your home and family to be a host home.

It offers the opportunity to a young foreigner to know your culture, language and your country and at the same time a member of your family can do it.



Complete the form



Before making the exchange, families must communicate and strengthen their bonds of friendship and trust for a period of 60 days which allows them to know more about each other to achieve a real bridge of friendship.

In case of an exchange in another language, parents will receive assistance from our advisor.

The most important treasure of a father is his son, our vision is to generate this bond in families to be the best life experience for our youth.


To ensure the safety of each participant in our program there is constant personal monitoring. This monitoring is done by phone and messages daily. A weekly visit by our family advisor is also planned to provide technical and psychological support to 100% confirm the development of our participants in educational and social fields.


Host Home System member information can only be previewed by applicants with an advisor since this information is carefully protected by the company.


We ensure that the comfort of the participant is complete in terms of transportation, food and health. Through private systems in the country of residence.

In Person

USA: WInding Ridge Ln Centreville, Virginia.

Chile: Juan Pablo Pérez Larenas  Montahue, Los Angeles.

Ecuador: Cristobal de Troya y Fray Vacas Galindo, Edificio Derechos Humanos, Ibarra

Over the Phone

USA: 0015714811409

Chile: +56935691637

Ecuador: +59365000841

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