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Franklin and his family are ready to share moments with you. With them you could know the most beautiful city of Ecuador in terms of architecture.

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Franklin Calderón

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Gina's home has many mod cons for making your lodging interesting, will provide any bilingual assistance. You would use pool, jacuzzi, steam rooms, in a private and secure gated community, in a very beautiful, natural, familiar and calm place with a magnificent landscape and a marvelous view of Cuenca.


Gina Ugalde

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Cuenca has a lot of culture and places to visit. This city is caracterized by its emblematic architecture and typical food. Cecilia is waiting for your!

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Cecilia Calderón


Mercy is waiting to welcome you into your home and together to make your stay in Cuenca an experience of cultural enrichment for you and your family.

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Mercy Castillo

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Tamara and her family are waiting to welcome you in their home, the house is located in front of the river in the beautiful city of Cuenca, where you can get to know the culture of the Ecuadorian highlands and enjoy the tranquility of this beautiful place.


Tamara Astudillo


The home of Lola has its doors open to receive you and give you a lot of love. With them you can visit all touristic places of Cuenca.


Lola Vintimilla


This is a home for two people and their puppy who are waiting to share moments with you and make your stay a very good experience. Here you  will know about the ecuadorian culture and enjoy the experience.


Marcia Cordero

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